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    Update from my experience-

    MP3 alarms now seem to work, with the slightly annoying problems as outlined above--trying to get the music to stop while half asleep. The popup registration reminder almost certainly was causing some of my issues, everything seems much more stable since I registered. No more SMS crashes since registering and upgrading my flash ROM.

    When using alarm, I get a weird blinking asterisk in the upper left corner, if I select it, I get a screen indicating I asked to be alerted, even though I just was alerted. Won't go away until it's selected. Is that supposed to be there? Don't see how it helps.

    I'm not using IKG, I'm using another utility called "keepoff" that won't allow keys to autoanswer the phone when in a holster or case. Would be REALLY neat if something like that could be wrapped into treo butler. I think the keepoff app is free, developed by someone on this board, and works great.

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    That weird blinking asterisk is a feature of OS5 to let you know you had a to-do (an alarm is considered a to-do) and haven't ticked it off as "done."
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    Thanks Alli, makes sense, no longer seems weird!!

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    Originally posted by confusedvorlon

    -The biggest one is that whenever I get an alert (voicemail or other alert), the phone screen will stay on until after I actually acknowledge or dismiss the alert. Am I the only one encountering this problem?

    I'm guessing you're not using the IKG - in which case tb has to disable the keyguard in order to be sure of playing the alarm sound. IKG should fix that - particularly when it stops being invisible!

    Re the voicemail alert - does it work when you don't have any other alarms set? If not - I suspect you're just on a network where that function doesn't work.

    You'll see some improvements over the weekend.

    Actually, this behaviour persists even when I use the "IKG." Is anyone else with a cdma sprint T600 experiencing this?

    The screen just stays on whenever I have any alert. I have Treobutler set to alert me every 10 seconds if I have any alerts, and I have my screen set (in general preferences) to shut off after 2 minutes. Now if I modify Treobutler to notify me once every 3 minutes, the screen will shut off after 2 minutes, but as soon as Treobutler starts to notify me, it just remains on.

    About voicemail alerts: What networks is this supposed to work on? I am on the Sprintpcs network (cdma). My voicemail alerts actually do work, they are just superceded by the alertgrabber. In other words, if I have voicemail alerts set to a "solid red," and I have all other alerts set to show "solid orange." The voicemail alert will show up as a "solid orange" even if that is the only alert I have.
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