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    I have had 2.08 for uh, what, about 5 weeks. No problems. Well all of the sudden my Power hard button stops working. I went into the prefs->buttons and assigned other buttons to the 4th hard buttton. All the other apps work fine. No problems, even Sandman and Off-It. What appears to be the problem is in the actual Power routine. I certaintly don't have the knowledge to address this s/w issue. Interesting thouhg, kinda frustrating.
  2. #2 power button stopped working also. My workaround is using HBX (non-hack) to "assign" the power off function to the power button. Seems kinda stupid, but the only way I can get the Treo to shut off unless I wait for the time-out. Not a real big deal for me, since I was already using HBX to shut off screen during calls. But now that Phoneguard works so well, I was going to stop using HBX to power off. Oh well, I guess I can't. Question: have you installed HBX or Phoneguard? Have you done the Sprint upgrade? (Are you on Sprint?) Let me know. Thanks.
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    I have the GSm version....I am thinking about Phone Guard; haven't installed it yet though
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    I have a f/w with the car kit.prc, so i will probably wait for it to be ironed out

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