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    Has anyone who is an existing sprint customer been able to get somewhat of a deal on the T600 I have been looking for weeks and all I see is deals for new customers or adding a line. I already have 2 numbers with sprint and am not about to get another. What is one supposed to do ...Its almost worth switching to another carrier. Any Ideas would be great ...Im dying for this phone..
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    I don't know if Sprint still has the 18 months upgrade rebate. When I got my T600 in December, I got a $150 rebate. If you have been with them for a while and have not upgraded your phone in 18 months, you should be eligible for that rebate.
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    Without signing a 1 or 2 year contract I think the best price you can find is $549 (Best Buys, Compusa, FRY's). Compusa had a "2 day only" sale for an additional 10% of everything which brought it down to $485.
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    I upgrade my phone around every 6 months but even with that ..its noting like the deals the new subscribers are getting ... I would also have to signup for 2 more years(not that big or a deal)
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    The offers I've seen advertise new lines of service, but my experience with Sprint has been that if you are 3/4 thru your current contract they will allow you to sign a NEW contract thereby making you eligible for the discounted T600 prices.

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