I really love theBoom but I wish it had a 'flash' switch on the cable compatible with the Treo 600.

I've asked the folks at theBoom about this and they said that they have a cable with a switch on it but its on a cable with 3 black rings that plug into the Treo. The cable I have has 2 black rings on it.

Here are two snippets from two separate emails from their customer service.

"We have been beta-testing various versions of the Treo 600 connector - with conflicting feedback from customers. It would be helpful if you let us know which connector you found to work better: the one with 3 black rings on the end that goes into the cell phone or the one with 2 rings?"

[They then asked me which cable I was using and I told them the one with two rings...here is the second return email]

"Some people have said that the other connector (with 3 rings) works better, and we actually have an On/Off version of that connector. Not of the one you are using, though [2 ring]. We are still trying to identify what causes these apparent differences between Treo 600s, and we are starting to talk about developing a special adaptor with On/Off switch just for the Treo 600."

Maybe we, the community, can help them and us by determining if the cable issue has something to do with the type of T600 we're using (CDMA vs. GSM).

P.S. Count the black rings on the plug that goes into the Treo!