I have Pocket-tunes uploaded to my Treo and somehow I accidentally uploaded about a dozen songs. For that I am grateful. Now heres the problem. I chose Music Match jukebox as the medium by which I would transfer cd tracks to my Treo. Sometimes I buy single tracks but most of the time I just want to take the tracks from existing CD's that I have bought or made. I am really confused by what a Playlist is and how to add songs from day to day. Also, The first dozen songs are ID'd just by track number. I went in and thought I could remame the tracks. That resulted in another identical track that now has a name next to it.
Heres what I am asking. I need to know how to group some songs-let's say a dozen at a time. Then I want to know exactly how I can pop in a CD and add just one more song. I am using a Sandisk 256 ultra card via a card reader. Also, can you help as to how to name the tracks.
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