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    This is a new one on me - and it may just be more growing pains with MO-SMS, but I want to confirm it. I've been getting a crash that I have not seen before, and I have a few ideas, but I need someone to help confirm them, or give me a hand.

    I get a white screen, with no abillty to hit any buttons, and I'm forced to do a soft reset. This morning was the first time I saw the phone in this state as I walked out of my bedroom, while it was sitting on it's cradle with the LED Green lit solid... very odd.

    It seems to happen sometimes when the palm does a treohelper snappermail check, or possibly a Verichat message is sent via SMS. I have also noticed funky problems with DateBk5 and the way it sometimes handles alarms... It seems to happen sometimes when switching between apps as well.

    Anyone have any ideas? I think it may be MO-SMS stuff, but I'd like another "Yay" in my corner. Thanks all.
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    Wow! I just started getting that in the past couple days.

    It's SO annoying and it has happened when I receive a msg and try to get rid of the window (say in verichat for example).

    I was thinking my Treo was dying or something since I haven't installed anything new.

    Is that related to this thread:
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    I've had this happen several times over the last week or so. However, I haven't been able to narrow it down to one app, another, or a combination of something I am doing. I've tried to duplicate it unsuccessfully.
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    Wow this problem has just hit me too over the last few days.

    Anyone else on this thread use Goodlink?

    Could it be related to the newer versions of Profiles?

    That's all I can think of.

    BTW, I don't really use SMS -- so that can't be it.
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    I don't have Goodlink installed (yet). I'm waiting for Cingular to finish the software for the GSM Treo. I use SMS quite a bit, and don't think that is causing the white screen. I do have profiles 0.13, installed. Maybe that's it, I actually just downloaded 0.14 and will be installing on my next HotSync.
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    I also have had this problem a dew times, I do think it has something to do with SMS. Or if too many things happen at once, like incoming call & sms together...
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    I have also been getting the white screen. I DO think its the SMS. I dont have treo600sms installed. I havent installed anything in the last 3 weeks and havent had the white screen happen. Now, about 10% of the time after getting a SMS, I get the white screen! Sometimes, it happens when I open the SMS application.
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    I've been getting the white screen, but I'm don't think that for me it's SMS.

    It's been when hitting the home button both times that it will lock up.

    It's happened twice in the past 2 days. I get very few SMS messages.
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    That happened to me twice yesterday. The first time, I was in Web and hit the Home button. The second time I was in Phone and hit the Home button.

    I had attributed it to being a bad application responding some some keydown notification, or possibly something trying to access data on my card which was no longer there (it got screwed up by my card reader) so I disabled any extenstions (enable/disable type apps) and uninstalled my PowerRun trial (it was expired anyway).

    So far, things have been stable, but if its happening to others as well, maybe its more significant. Is this happening only to Sprint users (I'm Sprint) or to everyone? If everyone, what has everyone (or at least those seeing the problem) done lately that could be causing this?
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    I've had mine since late November (Sprint)... and just started seeing this issue.

    I've had the exact same software on it since the get go:
    The "core" Palm Apps (calendar, camera/pictures app, etc.)
    PocketTunes (free version via HS registration)
    DataViz DocsToGo 6
    HS Free POP3 mail client.

    What's changed?:
    I recently (a week ago) uninstalled the HS POP3 mail client and installed Snappermail.

    Snappermail seems to suck down the battery a lot more than the HS Mail app did. Perhaps it's related to

    So, on my Treo, I figure it's got to be one of the following:

    1. Certain OS functions causing this when running on battery power of 50-60% or lower. Since Snapper, I've been seeing the levels down to this by the end of the day,
    2. Weaker Sprint signal issues aggravating a normally unseen problem,
    3. The uninstallation of the HS POP3 mail app,
    4. The install/operation of Snappermail, or
    5. A combination of any/all of the above.

    If I find any other posts out here that reference Snapper as a culprit, then it's back to the HS Mail app for me (I've had other issues with it as well).
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    pretty weird... I just started having the white screen crash yesterday.... I thought it has something to do with AutoSync trying to sync when I do not have the Treo in the cradle...
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    Well, I can't say that I've been testing it exclusively, but I can say that I believe that the whitescreen crash is realted to two things - and please tell me if anyone else has this commonallity -

    SMS problems (which we are all aware of with the other thread in thei forum) and TreoHelper w/ Snapper.

    I have an SMS trigger set to go out and pull email whenever an SMS is sent to me with an @ sign in it (pushed by my mail server). I'm willing to bet that this is part of the cause of the problem. The white screen I think has been hapenning specifically when a new message comes in, snapper does it's check, and then switches app back. THelper is supposed to kill the SMS, but maybe that's where the problem is? I haven't tried disabling it yet, but that's probably what my next step is.

    For all I know, it might be VeriChat.. I'm going to leave it off for today, and the SMS messages coming into my phone should be exclusively SMS Email pushes... I'll see how the day progresses, and report any findings I have.
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    Any app that uses the Sprint SMS/one way seems to be effected.
    Sprint SMS
    and you say Snappermail uses it to alert you for mock push mail
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    In addition to the white screen crash (for me, over the last week or so), I'm beginning to get the 3000, Data Not Available in Your Area error message. I have Treo600SMS, VeriChat and BaseJet installed; all use SMS.

    I've had a Treo with Sprint since the day the 300 was released. These kinds of things always happen for some period before the release of some "enhancement" and then everything else breaks for about a month or two until they figure out what they've broken.

    I've said this before, but wouldn't it be really nice if Sprint could have an, OMG, TEST SYSTEM BESIDES US ?!
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    I just started having the white screen today. The only thing I changed was starting to use ICQ, MSN, and Yahoo in Verichat.

    I didn't have this problem when I only used AIM in VC, but since removed the ICQ, MSN, and Yahoo from VC and it still happens.

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    I'll add another one I experienced yesterday. I opened Blazer to check something on the web. I got the message "The network library is unavailable" I clicked "OK" in the dialog box, and whammo non-responsive Treo 600 with a white screen.

    A soft reset appeared to solve it. Hasn't occured again yet. I'm going to the same spot I was in last nite when it occured and will try to duplicate. I was on Cingular's network with the Triangle indicating a GPRS connection was avialable when the error occured.
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    I haven't added or deleted anything recently, but am constantly getting the white screen. I do have treo600sms, verichat, and snapper installed.

    This started a few days ago - I've also noticed that every time I turn on the wireless/phone I get the roaming indicator.

    My battery has also been draining fast and the thing has been resetting by itself - I've attributed this to the roaming problem. However, after reading all these msgs, its prob the sms rollout.

    I was in Los Angeles over the weekend and had some problems, but since I was at Disneyland I didn't pay too much attention to my phone. On Sunday I was in Chicago and the phone was having some problems. And on Monday I was in Omaha and the phone was having lots of problems. To top it all off from a geography viewpoint, my phone area code is in the SF bay area (510) while I live/billing address is in Chicago (312).
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    Me too. I have not installed anything recently (within the past 2-3 weeks) and I just started getting the white screen crash. The first time was Sat 1/24. I have had it 3 times since then. A soft reset always takes care of it. Very strange that everyone is reporting this problem starting at the same time. That would indicate to me that it has something to do with a feature that has updated us via the network, and the only thing I can think of is SMS. Gotta be.
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    I am 99.99% sure its Sprint and SMS causing it. Before sprint shut down 2way sms, I would get the white screen crash when sending myself an sms. Now using Verichat I have the same problem. I uninstalled verichat and no problems since. I think it would be wise to disable/uninstall any of your programs that use sms.

    We'll see for sure on Feb. 2nd when Sprint is soposedly done with the sms upgrade.
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    Everyone is referencing SMS and Sprint. However, I'm experiencing them using a GSM Treo with Cingular.
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