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    I am wondering if anyone is experiencing what appears to be some "know defects" with the Treo 600? I recently purchased a Treo 600 and the microphone on the regular phone stopped working. I would have to use the speaker phone function (which most people say sounds terrible) to speak to someone. I called Sprint and they shipped me a "refurbished unit." As soon as I completed the set up on the newly refurbished unit, I tired to make a phone call. The speaker worked on this unit but the microphone failed to work on both the regular phone and the speaker phone. I am now waiting for another "refurbished" unit!

    When I spoke with the Sprint technical support, they confirmed that there are some units coming back broken with similar problems but denied that this was a major problem. Well for is a major problem! 100% of the Treos that I have had are defective with the same problem!

    Any suggestions or comments?
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    This has been posted before, I believe:

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    Sounds like bad luck! By and large comments here have been quite positive regarding build quality (well, at least compared to the Treo 300 ). I hope your next unit works out for you.
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    I think there is a major design problem that give inconsistent if not unacceptable voice quality. The "microphone" hole is in the back of the unit. It's very difficult to get consistent quality with the microphone back there. I've been experiementing with various methods of holding the phone and talking into it to get the best quality, and I'm getting mixed results. I've also had two treos so far, but the both have the same issues.

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