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    In reference to using Mencoder...

    I saw the settings posted in the dvdrhelp forum and i downloaded mencoder (version 0.7.7). I guess my first question is, how do you launch the terminal? when i double click on the icon for mencoder a box comes up with the ability to set a bunch of parameters, none of which seem to resemble those listed in the post. If I click on "Start Conversion" then the terminal opens but it automatically starts doing something (encoding?) (and if so at what settings?).

    Am I using the correct version of mencoder? Does anyone have a screenshot of what exactly should be done?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    I cut and pasted those mencode settings(provided by zero6 in that thread)
    in the terminal, and as text cascaded down window (al la Matrix) i discovered 2 things.
    (1) This process is far too complicating for my level of techyness.
    (2) It didn't work.

    So, i went and bought Kinoma Producer
    it was simple, and worked converting AVI files for TREO. Just tested a music video,and a couple of movie trailers. Worked great!
    Wanted to experience full movie though...according to threads MMPlayer is best for that (divx). I now have all the right ingredients, but i can't bake!
    So, if you or any other fellow OS X users have any success let me know.


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    are you using kinoma producer with a mac?

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