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    it doesn't work in the Treo 600
    It say OS 5.1 or higher on the box although it only mentions Palm devices.....Tungsten,Zire etc....
    Error says Cannot initiate ARM processor code or something like that...I see the game icons but no good....I got the SEGA CLASSIC SD Card with Sonic etc on it......

    This is through the first 5000 people to sign up deal we all went for not too long ago.....

    I am surprised I even got it...but it no work.....maybe I can delete the games and use the ROM memory.... huh?? can I ??

    Anybody know any fix before I try the above last distch manauever.....

    Hep plz....
    I have detailed files.
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    The Sega Classics card requires a high density screen -- it won't work in 160x160 mode. The MMC cards are ROM cards, so there's no way to erase the card and reuse it. I'd suggest finding a friendly Palm OS 5 device owner and selling it to him or her.
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    That happened to me too. I hadn't realized that it actually wouldn't work in low-res mode. I figured that the Treo600 wasn't on the compatibility list because it was too new.

    Oh well. At least it was free. Plus it came with a 6 card holder case which is really useful for my other cards that _do_ work.

    And who knows, if Palm _does_ release a hi-res Treo, maybe the card will work.

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