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    After being on line with At&t for 45 minutes they finally said they couldn't help me. Handspring said to do a hard reset. I did but the icon is still there. Briefly it disappeared when I was in a different state...weird, I know...but then without a new voicemail it reappeared. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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    May I assume you've tried the button in Phone Info for erasing it?
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    When I go into the phone preferences on my phone it asks me to put in a PIN number provided by my service provider. I called At&t and they said handspring should have the pin. Do you know what the pin is?
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    No. Ask AT&T again. I think this is a number tied to your SIM card. Tell them you accidentally locked your SIM and don't have the code. Perhaps they'll give it to you then?
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    Try this too. Leave yourself a voicemail. Wait 5 minutes, retrieve it and delete it. Do not hang up until you get confirmation it has been deleted. This may send your phone the "all clear" message once again.
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    I tried the leaving myself a voicemail and deleting it...hearing the all set and using the * to get out but it doesn't work. I'll try At&t again.

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