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    looking for a way to have Calendar alarms ON, but want system sounds off.

    When you turn off system sounds (Preferences:General) it disables alarms.

    Don't want to "click and beep" as I use Treo, but want to have alarm for apporintment go off.

    I run Key Suites. I synch with my corporate outlook exchange server.

    Treo Butler is not solution - I need calendar alarms (and that is single MOST annoying trial I ever saw - pop up so annoying i deleted in first 15 minutes of use)

    Thanks all.
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    OK - I figured this out - for all who have problem:

    1. If using a third party calendar (I use KeyCalendar) - when you turn off the "system sounds" under General, you disable alarm.
    2. I was not synching Palm calendar - saved time while synching.
    3. Palm calendar alarms are NOT disabled when you turn off system sounds.
    4. So - I now synch calendar too - alarm comes from there.
    5. Only caveat is - if you're adding alarm that comes before naext synch - put it in Palm calendar.

    Thanks to all who replied!

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