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    After my friend saw how much fun I was having with my T600, he decided to take the plunge with Sprint service.

    After trying to do the Local Number Portability switch to keep his existing number, Sprint processing stopped, saying that Cingular wouldn't allow it.

    "NOT POSSIBLE!" I said. "It's the law now!"

    So he went back to Cingular and asked Wuddup, and they told him something like the following---

    "Sorry Sir. The fast switch only applies to our larger markets. Since you live in Lawrence, KS you cannot make the switch until May 24."

    WTF? Is this right? There is *absolutely* zero reason why they can't flip a switch and do this. Why won't they release the number? Is this an excuse to get a few more months of billing out of him?

    The "smaller market" line sounds really foolish. He already has the T600 and is waiting to get it activated.

    Any experiences/thoughts/ideas?

    I told him to do the CSR Bingo routine and keep redialing, threatening and b*&^%ing until it gets done.

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    The CSR was telling the truth, WLNP only went into effect for something like the 40 largest cities in the country. The law does not go into effect for the smaller markets until later. Not sure if there is any way around this.
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    Yup...right....the carriers only had to comply with the FCC mandate for services provided in the top 100 MSAs.

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