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    Is there no way to legally play on my Treo 600 any downloadable songs that I purchase for $0.99 from Napster, MusicMatch or iTunes? They all seem to be encyrpted in a wma or aac format that is not supported by any available software. Is this true, and if so, will it always be so, or are there companies with plans to implement the sdmi-compliant hooks to make this happen?
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    What I've done is burned the songs to CD, then re-ripped them in MP3. It always seems to work.
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    Either that, or purchase a product I use quite frequently called mp3-wav converter for $14.95. Not sure if any degridation in sound quality but works great. Just right click on the file and it will transfer from wav-mp3, mp3-wav....etc.
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    WAV files are a non-lossy format, so they're not going to get any worse, they're just going to get bigger.
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    I use TotalRecorder from . It will convert anything that will play on your desktop computer into MP3. It can even be set up to autoname the MP3 files if your playing them in Windows Media Player.
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    You can now use Rhapsody's music service, integrated into Real Player, which just released their player for the T600. It's no ITunes, but it allows you to copy the song at a varied bitrate, and even choose RA or MP3.

    See this thread:

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