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    Originally posted by eKennedy
    How about the removable tab question? How easy is it for that tab to come off entirely?

    My bad,
    The strap is on permanently. It will not come off, unless you forcefully rip it off and it's stitching. I suppose if your crafty enough you can cut it out and attach a snap button or velcro.
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    Thanks Treosome, I appreciate your replies.

    Now I just have to get my hands on one...

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    I just bought the large Wenger Universal case and it fits great. Found them at my local Staples store. Price has been reduced to $15. Great case for the 600.
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    I picked this up as well. It's a good replacement for the discontinued Bodyglove case that worked so well (the best non-Treo specific case IMHO). It's a tight fit at first, but I think it will ease up after time. Looks nice and my local Staples had it on sale for $15, but it rang up as $5!! Gotta love price errors!
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    Do you think this case would give the treo adequate protection in a fall to concrete? I am hesitant to give up my Innopocket case for this reason....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dalai Lama
    Do you think this case would give the treo adequate protection in a fall to concrete? I am hesitant to give up my Innopocket case for this reason....
    Definitely. I also have the Innopocket (RhinoSkin-branded) case which I use when I want to throw my Treo into a bag or backpack instead of carry it around. It's great armor for your Treo, but a little impractical to use at times. So for this reason, I have the Wenger as well.

    I have not dropped my Treo yet (knock on laminated MDF) while in the Wenger but I have dropped it while it was in my old BodyGlove case -- at least 3 times that I can remember, directly onto pavement and concrete. One time, as I was swinging my laptop bag over my shoulder, I knocked the Treo from my belt and it flung about 8 feet after hitting the ground hard, skidding over concrete. Ouch! The Treo lived on without a scratch. Alas, the good ol' BodyGlove was getting a little threadbare and ratty looking, so I replaced it with the Wenger. The Wenger case, IMO, provides as much protection as the old BodyGlove and I'm very happy with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by treosome
    I found a nice slip case made by Wenger, maker of Swiss Army knives. IMO it's almost a perfect fit. It's kinda pricey for a slip case ($29.99 at Staples) but with the craftsmanship it's worth every penny.

    Here are the features:

    - All leather except for the red elastic accents on the sides.

    - Inside lined with soft cloth.

    - Magnetic closure that clicks into place.

    - Volume access.

    - Closure tab is leather that flexes in and out of the slit on the back (see picture of backside).

    - Should work with egrips because the sides are nylon elastic as opposed to rubber that tend to stick to the egrips.

    - Swivel clip included.

    All in all, a beautiful case, worth a look.

    I actually found that my I POD case works well with the Treo, better than any case I have found.
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