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    First of all I would be grateful for any help on this. Perhaps the answers lie somewhere in the Treo 600 forum but time is not on my side, so if anyone can provide direct answers I would appreciate it.

    I am currently a Sprint customer with a dying Treo 300 and am no longer under contract. I have looked at some other carriers and decided that T-Mobile gives Sprint a good run for their money, at least in regards to plans.

    I spoke to Sprint and they are willing to give me a $100 credit if I buy a Treo 600...not bad. However, I will have to sign a 2 year contract !!!! Not good.

    T-Mobile do not sell the Treo 600, either in their stores or on their website but I was told I can buy one from Handspring and they can activate it. Not too sure if there are any deals from Handspring for current Treo 300 owners ! The T-mobile plan is pretty close to my current Sprint plan...I do get more minutes with sprint though.

    So, any recommendations ? Stay with Sprint or go with T-Mobile ? How is T-Mobiles coverage compared to Sprint ? How is the data download compared to Sprint ? I know that with T-Mobile I can use the Treo 600 in Europe....but I also believe that if I get the Treo 600 unlocked that I could put in a local countries SIM card and get a local number.

    Since my Treo 300 is really on it's last legs I need to make a decision pretty quick and value the peoples input on this forum.

    Thanks in advance.

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    There is a lot to think about between the two carriers. The first is whether you need global coverage. The GSM version (T-Mobile, Cingular & AT&T) works anywhere in the world. The CDMA (Sprint) version only works in the US and some parts of South America. Related to that is coverage.

    CDMA coverage in the USA is far superior to GSM coverage. Cingular is doing very well so far covering the outlying areas these days though. CDMA have coverage in something like more than 90% of the US. You'll want to check the coverage maps. When it comes to the SprintPCS network, its not all that much better than GSM. In fact, it might be worse. The SprintPCS side is where you get their high speed network and no roaming fees.

    Since you have Sprint, you already know that. You'll definitely want to check out T-Mobile's coverage area around you. Their money back guarantee program isn't as good as AT&T and Cingular. I think T-Mobile only does 14 days, which is much better than it used to be, 3 days.

    Both offer unlimited data for about the same price, $15-20/month. Sprint's network is about 2-3x faster than T-Mobile's though. I also believe that the GSM version of the Treo 600 gets better battery life. With GSM that's dependant on the signal strength. If you only get one bar a lot of the time, your battery life will suffer.

    Lastly, I think T-Mobile's plans offer more minutes and is Nationwide. The biggest thing with any cell phone is coverage. No matter how good it is, if you can't get a signal then what's the point? Right?

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    I just switched from T-Mobile to Sprint just to get the Treo 600 (T-Mobile didn't offer it at the time)
    You can get the Treo for $450 from Spring, a $150 saving since the Treo costs $600 alone.
    I did not like T-Mobile reception in the NYC and outer boroughs area, the switch to Sprint has been a big improvement on reception.
    Sprint customer service has been shockingly bad, not to mention they totally screwed up my Treo 600 order, twice! Not a good way to start off.
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    echo on varangian's comments on t-mobile coverage in the new york metropolitan area. i have sprint, my son had t-mobile. his coverage was awful, i have had no problems. i only switched to sprint because of the treo300, but it's worked out fine.
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    Rumor has it that the Treo 600 will be available for T-Mobile customers on February 2. If so, Handspring/Palm One will likely (but not for certain) offer the same deal to T-Mobile customers that they did to customers of Cingular, Sprint, and AT&T: You give them your serial number from your Treo 300, and you can get a T-Mobile phone for $399.

    That's a great deal - but you have to wait until February 2 to see if the T-Mo T-600 is released.
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    Coverage, coverage, coverage.

    It makes no sense to have a great phone and not be able to get a good signal. The first thing you should do is find out how good is the coverage for both providers in the area(s) that you will be located. Once you have that information everything else should be simple. IMO, I would rather pay an extra $20 per month if I know that I will get a signal that is far superior than the cheaper plan. Do you travel on a regular basis? Only in the US or also overseas? Keep those things in mind.

    I have been with Sprint since 1999 and I am happy (no landline). Are they perfect? Nope. But I have been able to get a good signal in all the areas that I travel in the US, including Puerto Rico. Their plans are decent and data has been good.

    Ask around here about coverage on the areas you will be concerned. Also, is a good place to ask since they have forums specific for individual carriers.

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    Get off Sprint. They are miserable to do business with. I used to defend them, but since they changed management last summer, they have been awful to do business with. They do not value existing customers as anything but captives. The deal they offerred you is proof that they don't believe you will leave. All efforts are for trolling for new customers.
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    Get off Sprint. They are miserable to do business with. I used to defend them, but since they changed management last summer, they have been awful to do business with.
    Can you elaborate on this? If it's just poor customer service, than save it 'cause we all know that.
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    I have a T-mobile Sidekick that I never use, because it has such poor signal strength in buildings. My Sprint Treo 600 has medium to high signal strength in the same buildings. I have heard it is b/c of differance in CDMA vs. GSM but ca?ot confirm.
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    The advice to look at local coverage issues first is really key but, for what it is worth, I just went through an exhaustive review of this issue before committing my firm to T-Mobile. The final analysis was that the Sprint phone was faster and slightly cheaper (unlimited data at $15 rather than $19 a month - ignoring the cheaper T-Zones alternative) but the T-mobile phone has longer battery life and better international use and "swapability" with other GSM carriers. Battery life - for what were business phones - was the deciding factor.
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    If you are no longer under contract with Sprint, you are eligible for a retention plan (you have to threaten to leave/cancel service though). The two most popular retention plans are 750 anytime/3000 8 PM NW for $40/month or 1000 anytime/3000 8 PM NW for $50. They have retention plans above and below that as well. Just something else to consider...

    I don't travel internationally but personally, I cannot imagine using my T600 with anyone other than Sprint. I use the data side just as much as the voice and for data, Sprint has the fastest nationwide network. I'm sure GPRS speed is reasonable for a lot of people but after experiencing the speed of the Vision network, anything less just wouldn't be acceptable for me.
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    Dealing with Sprint over the last 6-8 months has been the most painful experience I have ever had. Over the last 1.5 years or so, they have screwed-up the billing on my account over half the months, overcharging me every time. At first, they were very quick to fix their problems. FOr the last 6 months or so though, I have had to spend hours and hours on the phone, month after month, going from manager to manager, explaining over and over again how they overcharged me. It has even gotten to the point where they re-charged me for corrections they made to my account months before without asking my persmission, informing me, or even giving an explanation on my bill. As far as I have seen, their operation is nothing short of criminal. For now, I am riding out the end of my contract and will soon purchase a generic GSM phone (which will go on upgrade sale 2 weeks after the T-Mobile phone comes out) and join T-Mobile. If you join Sprint, I hope you have better luck than me.
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    Well Kids, here's what we think;

    If you are traveling to Europe alot and want roaming capabilities,
    then the GSM or the T-Mobile version should suffice for you.
    Again, as the aforementioned posts have stated so well,

    it depends on personal lifestyle and custom. Period!

    As a CDMA Sprint user for some time and an online merchant, I've found that Sprint is High-speed and GSM is dial-up 56K mode in comparison..

    When it comes to fast data transfer, it is important for me to snatch up emails and process orders effectively so as to keep my commerce game up to speed. Check?

    GSM on the other hand emits higher radiation, and is 2G and not 2.5 or 3G capable to my liking...
    Plus, when I travel overseas, I use throwaway cellphones and phonecards or I might even set up arrangements with Sprint so I can make moves comfortably so as to make my life more easy... The bottomline is this;
    If I you are going to be in the States, then the CDMA network may work for you.
    Conversely, If you are a world traveler, GSM is the way to go.
    Either way, the Treo 600 on any Network should be a rewarding experience for you.
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