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    I can not get the photos I've taken on my Treo 600 to transfer over to my home desktop when I perform a Hot Sync. What could I be doing wrong? I beleive they should be going to my Treo Pictures folder.
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    Two possibilities come to mind.

    Are the photos being saved to an SD Card? If so, then they won't transfer. They only transfer from internal memory.

    Another possibility is that you don't have it synchronize enabled. Right click on the Hotsync manger icon in the system tray and click "Custom" then check "Treo Pictures" and make sure it says synchronize the files. If it doesn't, then double-click it and check the box to enable it.
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    Assuming that you are using a Windows computer and installed the Palm Desktop to the default location...check under:

    C:\Program Files\Palm\Treo Pictures\User ID\Transfer

    Also, on your Palm Desktop:

    Hotsync\Custom\Treo Pictures "Conduit"\Change make sure that "Transfer Copy of Images during Hotsync process is selected.

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