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    Hey guys,

    I'm trying to evaluate T-mobile's service on an unlocked T600, but not having much luck. Biggest problem is that I haven't had the data connection work for more than 48 hours straight in the week I've had it.

    It has worked in the past couple of days, but since last night when I try to access a site in Blazer it says "Sending" but never goes to "Receiving". Eventually it times out with:

    "The page download cannot be completed. Please try again later."

    (paraphrased, but pretty close, sorry)

    Anyone else having gprs connection trouble on T-mobile? I'd like to post a nice summary of my tests between a sprint t600 and this on on T-mobile, but I can't get them both to work long enough to test! Argh.

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    My Cingular handset is browsing the web on T-Mo just fine.
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    I've been getting this on a CDMA Treo 600. Super annoying, but it seems to be a problem just with Blazer -- all other wireless apps (Xiino, Snappermail, Basejet and Directory Assistant) work just fine. So... Damn Blazer!
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    Same problem with sprint, what gives???
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    Originally posted by Alli
    My Cingular handset is browsing the web on T-Mo just fine.
    Same here Bay Area CA
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    It's happened to me here in Houston lately- about once every two days. It seems the error occurs when I move between (I think) different locations (different towers). In any event, a soft reset has taken care of the problem EVERY time. Annoying but try it out next time and see if it doesn't help.
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    I've had the Sprint Treo 600 for over 2 months, and at 7 PM PST today I started having this same problem of "Sending" but not receiving anything or getting the "Unknown URL: <whatever URL I was trying to access>" error . I ended up doing 2 soft resets before giving up on that as a solution.

    Over the last hour (it's 10:30 PM PST now), Blazer has been working slowly better with more and more websites accessible (though some continue to error out with one of the errors above). This seems point to some network problem, perhaps tied into Blazer "feature"?
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    The Blazer! She is busted!!

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