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    Hi all,
    I was wondering if I could have an mp3 emailed to my treo so that I could download the attachment to my SD card and play it via ptunes. My early tests give me a message saying that the attachment is no longer on the server when I try to download the attached file. I tried this with my sprint mail and one other account with a 2MB sample. Is there any way to make this work?
    Keith A.
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    Is your email client setup to retrieve only the first 5k or 10k of each email? And if you email client is also set to retrieve and delete emails from server, you will get that message when you try to open a big attachment.

    Try to set your email client to retrieve the whole email or set it to not delete email from server. You are better off using a SD card reader/writer or download the Card Export software. The Card Export software is free for 15 days so you could try it out, but I found it very slow. Not as slow as getting it from internet, but still slow. Card reader is the way to go. I got one from for $9 including shipping. It takes about 3 to 5 secs to transfer a song.
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    You could e-mail yourself an MP3, however just hotsyncing and MP3 to the memory card would be faster.

    I e-mailed myself a MIDI file just for kicls, and the e-mail component of Agendus did recieve it, and saved it as a ringer, however it is faster for me to just beam the MIDI files from another palm.
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    I've received an mp3 as an attachment using Sprint and the HS mail beta. You should not get the error that you reported as long as thr mail (w/ the attachment) had not been deleted from the server. However, unless you have ReceiveIt or MediaManager installed, you WILL get another error AFTER you download the mp3 attachment saying that the Treo doesn't know what to do with the downloaded file. It sucks to see that error after a 6 min downloading session!
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