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    I recently bought a copy of TreoAlertMgr from the pdaapps website. The site says you'll get an email with the registration code within 12 hours - more than a week later, still no sign. I've sent them 3 emails - to customer service and support - and got no reply. But they charged my account the day after I ordered it.

    I've read posts here by people saying how great they are to deal with...

    Does anyone know how I can contact them by phone?
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    Are you sure you gave them a VALID email address or you didn't have it filtered out as Spam? They sent my code very promptly. As a developer myself, my biggest frustration is when people complain that they didn't get their registration code, but it's because their email account is closed or invalid!
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    Well, I've sent them 3 follow up emails trying to find out what's up - all they had to do was hit reply. If you have any idea how I can get in touch with them, pls let me know.

    BTW, what kind of software do you develop - anything I might be interested in?!
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    And just hitting reply to a sent email isn't a guarantee if the reply email address is not correct to begin with. Not saying yours is, but also being a developer, I've had occasions where the reply address to a support email was not correct. You may want to provide them with an alternative email address.

    The case may also be where they have spam filters in place, and your email address is getting falsely identified as spam and they are not getting it. This happens also.

    Email is convenient, but not always reliable.

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