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    Does anyone know of a good app that I can use to set reminders on my Treo 600 without having to use the stylus (and use the Treo's D-pad/keyboard).

    There seem to be many applications out there for reminders but all seem to use a stylus which I want to minimise given I now have a Treo 600 with keyboard
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    I use agendus 7.0 along with Textras and never take the stylus out. Trick is to go to prefs for Agenda and set a button to launch Agendus, then on that same Screen there is a option to set what happens when you press that button and Agendus is running. set it to New Record.
    Hope this helps
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    Can you just launch the default datebook, use the 5-way left/right to pick the correct day, then up/down to pick the correct time, type in the subject, hit enter to update the details, etc?
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    Ok, I know I'm digging up an old thread, but I have the same question. I just bought the krusell classic case for my 650 and it has a nice tight fit over the treo. I would prefer to only use the screen as necessary so I don't stretch it out. The flashing astrix in the corner is particularly difficult to press through the plastic and I know it is going to leave a dent there eventually. Ideas on how to get to the reminder screen without touching the screen?
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    PWF - Of course big apps like Agendus or Datebook5 will give you DPAD functionality on to-do alarm functions so make sure you try out those apps. Also, there is a smaller to-do app based on the Palm to-do app that has added alarms. It is called ToDo2 and I trialed it some time ago. I seem to recall it has DPAD capabilities for editing and setting alarms. Try ToDo2 at

    Chinno - do a search on "asterisk" or "alarm" or "star" and you will find several threads on this topic. Always try the search functionality here at Treocentral. It will save you time in the long run.

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