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    I downloaded the trial version of pdanet on my laptop and treo 600. WHen I connect the treo 600 and my laptop via USB my laptop is saying that I am connected but the Blazer browser does not come up on my laptop. I am admittedly new at this. What do I have to do after I am connected to access the internet on my laptop?

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    To answer your question --> Launch a browser on your laptop - Internet Explorer or Netscape.

    from their website

    PdaNet allows your PC to go online by connecting to your Treo PDA cell phone through the Hotsync USB cable. If you own a Treo you can use it as a wireless modem/ISP for your computer.

    Thus your TREO is modem (and nothing else). It enables your pc to get to the internet and run applications on your pc.

    hope that helped
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