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    Originally posted by TrickerZ

    Ah yes, bejeweled comes to mind for me...
    I too was annoyed by that problem in Bejeweled. But the latest version from Astraware specifically supports the Treo 600 and I can confirm excellent sound that never quits, including music. I am using version 2.23.

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    I was once a proud owner of the the now dinasuars (sČ
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    Originally posted by dgillier
    I'd like being able to send a contact from the built-in contact via SMS (a feature any basic phone has). Being able to receive a contact via SMS with option to add it to my contact list.

    (another small problem, if you add a favorite from your contact list and later change it's number in the contact list, the favorite is not update).
    On SMS it would be good to have built in group messaging as well. Better yet Contacts should support distribution lists for both mail and sms.
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