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    Rob600> I really hope that picture is a fake for HP's's the ugliest thing in the world...period, ever.

    That picture appears to be a doctored picture of the currently available iPaq HP 4355 I saw last night @ Frys in Fremont, CA. Some speculated that the keyboard was simply attached - not so. The keyboard does have a different colored background, but the back side of the unit is a single solid piece - no, the keyboard is tightly integrated into the unit. Indeed, I found it much easier to type upon than the Treo 600 - at the cost of size of course. The unit is quite tall - too tall for my tastes - and a bit wider than the Treo 600, though the wider / higher-res screen is welcomed by me personally.

    So, Rob600, have you seen the actual 4355 and do you still think it ugly?
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    Originally posted by mykbol
    FCC doesn't require re-registration of product if no new, or changed wireless features. Therefore the 610 is certainly possible for a march release...just don't expect bluetooth.

    I for one think that it will happen. It would allow Palm to get their brand on one of the hottest selling products and really improve their WoW factor to investors before their March 31st quarterly report to investors.

    The incorporation of more memory and a high-res screen are simple swaps of parts...not any redesign whatsoever...not even a difference in fab process...Just put a different mem module, camera and different screen in the production. I have been told by a friend that they have already begun the process of aquiring the new camera, screen and memory modules so that they can change production in late January early February. The only thing that they seem to be waiting on is the rom change in OS. It appears that they have all the software converted to be 'Palm' branded and even have a few new features that I can't talk about. The big sticking point is weather they will have Java capabilities yet. Verizon is supposidly waiting until the Java capabilities are there so that they can sell their software and addons, before they release the Treo 600 on their network. Palm is trying desperatly to acheive this so that they can not only introduce an upgrade to the product but also an agreement to provide them for the nations largest carrier.

    If they get Java worked out expect the announcement WITH IMMEDIATE AVAILABILITY to be made March 1st. Also the model number will be Treo 610. They have decided to keep the numbering series in 10's until Q4 2004 when they intend to release the Palm Treo 7 (instead of the 700) which will essentially be the same as the current model with the change of OS being Palm 6 and a new processor and possible PTT button added to right side. Expect FCC pictures and information in July.


    I guess when Palm/Hanspring decided to layoff old handspring employees they should have had them sign new Non-Disclosure agreements
    SWEET! Thanks for that insight mykbol!!

    You mentioned that they will be using a new camera? I wonder if PalmOne has decided to bump it up to a 1 MP? That would be glorious! Anyway the possibilty of a Treo 610 with high rez screenie, BT, more ram, Java, and also BB client support is absolutely making me shiver with anticipation!!
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    I love rumors! I hope it's true also, but I really doubt it.

    If it is true, I hope the upgrade price is close to the ebay price for my unlocked T-600.

    The T-600 is so "last year".
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    When I worked on a hardware-based video switching/editing tool, the rule with the FCC was to load up the test model with every possible feature, and get that model qualified. That way, you could remove features for a "stripped down" model without requalifying.

    I tend to think a screen redesign could merit a requalification, since the screen may emit a higher amount of RF. It would depend on the engineering specs from the screen manufacturer.

    Bluetooth? Unless it was in the original FCC test model, definitely a requalification feature. Have we seen the full FCC qualification report, or is it still under wraps?

    I said it before - REMOVING a feature, like taking away the camera, is the only thing that would definitely NOT require a requalification. Since the camera is a barrier-to-entry in the all-important business market, this seems like the most reasonable and likely reason for a Treo 610.

    I would also like to believe that Palm wouldn't use such a small separation in numbering if they were introducing a revamped model. T600 and T610? Sounds like minor rev change, but that's my 2 cents.
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    Originally posted by mykbol
    I for one think that it will happen...

    ...and even have a few new features that I can't talk about.

    ...I guess when Palm/Hanspring decided to layoff old handspring employees they should have had them sign new Non-Disclosure agreements
    Sorry too many inconsistancies in your story for me.
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