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    "Your Mobile Unlocked without sending it to us !! (World Wide)
    We can unlock your phone. Pay On-line and receive a Software link from us. Orders placed on weekends shall take 2 days for sending the link. Your mobile shall be ready to be used on ANY NETWORK."

    They stole it!
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    if you hadn't noticed, gsmlocker actually posted in a thread with the unlock patch yesterday. I find that blatantly obvious theft.
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    Theft? That's sort of amusing.

    What they stole is someone else's probably illegal theft of copyrighted code, with modifications that were left in the public domain.

    Ballsy to charge for it, but hardly theft. OTOH, since they're profiting from the sale of something which may include copyrighted code, that may be a violation of the copyright act. And since the code was "encrypted" (albeit in a rather loose sense of the word,) they may be in violation of the DMCA.

    I wouldn't be surprised to see them get a rather strongly worded letter from Handspring's attorneys about this.
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    Call it what you'd like. Unjust. Immoral. But taking something that's available for free and charging $150 for it is highway robbery.

    If they had actually been able to patch it themselves BEFORE, instead of just misleading people, then I can justify some sort of cost (though $150 seems rediculously high). And I don't see why Handspring (PalmOne, whatever) wouldn't have already sent them some kind of warning awhile ago... considering gsmlocker has been claiming to be able to unlock treos for a long time, not just since this patch was available (even though they really couldn't).
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    Well you know what I mean. What else could you call taking a "public domain" patch and selling it for $150?
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    Actually I am surprised that it is not offered on ebay yet. I have seen people selling public coupon links on ebay for $5, $10,.. With unlocked Treo 600 selling for over $700 on ebay, I am sure someone will eventually sells the file there.
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    Bah ha ha ha ha - I love it! They'll get tons of idiots who pay $150 for freeware I guarantee it!
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    heh, just so amusing the current state of affairs.

    btw did you see they offer to unlock your cdma sprint treo? Where ya gonna go heh
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    Originally posted by HumP
    Where ya gonna go heh
    It's a statement, dude.

    "I'm free! ...Okay, I'm just gonna stand around here for a while now. Anyone want another beer?"
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    I know they guy who developed the unlock crack for the SPV had the same thing happen. So when he updated when the firmware was upgraded, he made sure there was a splash screen that said "this is freeware, so if you have paid for this, you have been scammed". since he wrote the unlocking app, it restricted "companies" to profiteer from other people's hard work.

    maybe keep that in mind for v2...

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    Originally posted by vulcan
    Well you know what I mean. What else could you call taking a "public domain" patch and selling it for $150?
    ummm, can you say MICROSOFT?
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    Originally posted by IHATECOMPUTERS
    ummm, can you say MICROSOFT?
    No, but I can write it: microfost. ...Damn.
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    Originally posted by vulcan
    What else could you call taking a "public domain" patch and selling it for $150?
    I call it taking advantage of really really DUMB people. Their spamming business might be slow or something, so they need to supplement their income

    (and I'm not so sure that I have much sympathy for the dumb people)
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