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    I'm looking for a security program that can lock my Treo 600, but still allow my IM program to run in the background.
    My experiences so far have been:
    OnlyMe - Was causing my device to soft reset at random times.
    Gridlock - Will not lock the device if Chatter or VeriChat were running in the background.
    Visual Key - Same problem as Gridlock. (Although I do like the picture idea!).

    I sent an email to Gridlock using the address from their website, however the email keeps returning to me.

    Anyone experience these issues or have other suggestions? Due to the volume of work items I keep on my Treo, I need a consistent, secure solution.

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    No answer, but I know that the developer of Only Me is working on some T600 fixes. You might want to contact him and describe the problem(s) you had.

    PM me, and I can give you his email addy.
    Bob Meyer
    I'm out of my mind. But feel free to leave a message.
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    I wish GridLock had fewer conflicts and the developer was responsive to e-mails. It has peaceful zen-like characteristics that are really nice. But alas the developer isn't up to snuff. Teal Lock turns my device on periodically for no apparent reason. PDA Defense crashes everytime I dial a number from my contact list, which means it's a joke on the T600. This is another area where a smart developer could courner the market with T600 owners.
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    You might want to try teallock ( or pdadefense pro ( I have tried both and they work with the phone portion just fine and also Chatter (IM).

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    I've been very happy with only me haven't experienced problems at all.

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