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    I've done a few searches and can't find exactly what I'm looking for so I'll post a new question.

    I'm looking to dial phone numbers directly from my calendar. Other posts have suggested using TakePhone, though that seems to be more of a wrapper for the address book.

    I keep appts for work in the standard Treo calendar app. I have many calls during the day that are to an 800/888 conference call with a passcode. If I'm running late getting to the office in the am or from lunch, I'll take the call on my treo. I don't want to create a contact or use a coveted favorite button for the conference calls, though some repeat so it might be the best solution. I've already gone the "copy from calendar, paste in the dial application" route, but want something simpler. If I could simply highlight (double click?) a phone number then hold the stylus down on the number or press a button to dial that number, that would be ideal for me. Better yet, if the phone numbers appeared as clickable and you could autodial from there.

    The best functionality would allow me to highlight the phone number, dial it, then highlight the passcode and dial it, too. (Like if you wanted to check your voicemail but from a daily calendar entry with your phone number and passcode embedded within it.)

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    The answer is DateBk5. DateBk5 uses your Palm (Treo) calendar as it's basic database so it will sync with Desktop or any of the other PIMs out there. DateBk5 has a feature that allows you to insert an item in your calendar at a specific time, or just an undated item, and then link it with an address book entry -- such as a phone number. You press on the link symbol that you give the calendar entry, it goes to the address book and there is a "D" for Dial there at the bottom of the screen. Press the D with the stylus and the call is initiated...

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