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    I can get Xiino (trial) and EudoraWeb to work fine with the T-Mobile Free WAP GPRS.... but...

    The problem is that Blazer doesn't work. I temporarily used the $19.99 plan which worked like a charm, but I cannot get Blazer configured to work with the free plan. I don't want to buy Xiino and EudoraWeb is not very good. Are there any other free/cheap browsers that work with the free plan? BTW Eudora works great for accessing my Comcast email account this way...

    I have checked deep into postings, but never found a real answer. I am guessing that the proxy is not supported for sure at least... but Blazer can work proxy-less, and at least for sites on port 80 it should work, right? I would hate to have to buy a browser when Blazer is free.

    Any help and a definitive answer would be great for us 270/180 users on T-Mobile.
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    I guess I didn't read enough. Found a post basically saying if you set the proxy server to one that works on port 80, things work fine in Blazer... You can find free proxy servers at

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