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    Vote "Love it" or "Leave it":

    From the blurb on
    "Why you'll want it: Technophiles everywhere are rabid for Handspring's wildly popular Treo 600, and the enthusiasm is well deserved. This Treo is one of the most refined smart phones we've seen. Not only does this Editors' Choice winner boast a clever design, it's also a capable performer that includes a built-in camera."
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    I voted.

    The Treo is an awesome Smartphone which has simplified and converged many functions for me and others. So let's vote and let others outside this Forum know how we (as owners) feel about it.
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    I don't get it. Why is the vote 55% to 45% for loving it vs leaving it. That's an incredibly high dissatisfaction rating with the best smartphone out there. Are Samsung and M$oft voting?
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    maybe cuz it's the sprint version that the review was on
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    I love the sprint version.

    However, I hate when Reviews say Sprint CDMA and yet they show the GSM version. Personally I like how the CDMA version looks way better. They should really post pics on what they were reviewing; I've seen other sites do this, not good.
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    See full text of article in the New York Times here:

    from article:
    "...cutting about 100 workers, or 12 percent of its staff, as it shifts its emphasis toward cell phones with organizer functions."
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    treo 600 made an appearance twice on the "three devices i cant live without on cnet" (just below the voting thingamajig)
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    Perhaps no one knows what it is that they are voting on? Hit the next item button and look at what you see, most of them I voted for leave it, becasue it didn't seem like a neat product or had zero apeal to me. Not a very good poll IMHO>

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