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    I was bored 2 in the morning and I was considering my Treo 600 and what I was going to do when the 610 comes out. Should I purchase my umpteenth phone? Should I go to Ebay and sell my silvered companion? Should i get the phone that I originally wanted (motorola v600)?

    While my thoughts ruminated on this, i thought why not have the keyboard above the screen so when i type, my hands have a substinative grip?

    And attached is my flight of fancy, so, what do you guys think? Is this a dumb idea or an ergonomic breakthrough?

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    Not bad. I think with your design, I won't ever feel like my treo is going to fall off my hands.
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    Originally posted by eddietreo
    Not bad. I think with your design, I won't ever feel like my treo is going to fall off my hands.

    turn your 600 upside down, so that that the KB is on top.

    Pretend type while still being able to see the screen.

    Does it feel more or less secure?
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    Nevermind the fact that the screen would be blocked by your palms (or at LEAST your thumbs) if the keyboard were on top.

    T610 doesn't exist, btw.

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    You know, my first thought was that my hands would block the screen, but that's not a problem (try turning your 600 upside down and see for yourself). It seems counter-intuitive, but I think it would work.

    Except, the dpad and hard buttons would need to be above the screen, too. Shifting your fingers up and down between the keyboard and Dpad would be a royal pain.
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    I think it would work, but I think it would work even better for handheld device that flips open up a keyboard (like a flip phone, organizer or PDA). The designers design for them to look like a notebook device with the keyboard at the bottom and screen on top. But unlike a notebook, the handheld organizer or PDA are usually not sitting on a table. The balance would be so much better if you are holding and typing on the top flip instead of the bottom one. And for the case of a flip phone, the face oil will be on the keyboard instead of the screen.

    The bad part is that if you do decided to put it top of a table, the screen would be facing up instead of at viewing angle. But your keyboard will be at a comfortable view angle. Most people even the ones who can type have to look at the keyboard when inputing to a handheld device, so this may offset the screen not being at viewing angle.
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    The big buttons are in the wrong place. It is crazy to have to go so far after pressing the e-mail button, for instance, back up to the keyboard to write one. Or, if you are navigating around a text field, again you have to go the length of the device before typing again.

    Put the 5 Way on the top and put the speaker inside it, a la iPaqs. Or put two on there and it can become a gaming console as well!
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    Haven't heard from JakeE lately ... maybe he's working for pa1mOne ...

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