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    Has anyone had problems with Megaclock 1.92 when you try to set an alarm with sound?

    On the ALARMS menu, when I hit SETTINGS and select an alarm sound, it generates an error that says, "Note! Alarm sound will be heard only if the MegaClock program is launched from the PDA main memory!"

    Some details:
    - I have it installed on Treo memory (not an SD card)
    - I installed MegaClock_LR.prc (which should be correct prc)
    - Tried soft (and hard) resets... no luck
    - Removed and reinstalled twice... no luck

    The alarm will only go off if I avoid going to the SETTINGS submenu... but this means that it's only a screen alarm, no sound.

    Any help is appreciated.
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    That is simply a courtesy warning message in case you had the program running from an external card. I get the same message on mine every time I change the time. Simply uncheck "show next time", click on OK and your alarm will work just fine.
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    Thanks! That made it work. Strange that the menu interfered with it...

    I appreciate the help.

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