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    Hi all!

    My Treo 600 (GSM) phone is not working well when it comes to the MMS function. While I can send out messages with pictures, I can't seem to receive any mms messages. Either I get the mailbox icon or text saying "get requested". A small progress bar will appera then it will flash "Connection Error" and stop. The gprs indicator also disappears.

    Thing is, right beside me is a person using another mms phone but they don't seem to be having the problems I'm experiencing. It has also happend to some friends of mine also using the T600.

    I asked the telco about the settings like apn and stuff but all the settings on my phone are correct. Anyone have an idea on this?

    Thanks all
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    some providers (like T-Mobile) require you to send one MMS before your account can receive them. try sending a MMS to yourself (or a buddy), then try receiving them again. it worked for me!

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