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    I have 150 customers in my phone book. I have a contact name, and the company name( John Doe, ABC Co.).
    I want the company name to show FIRST in my address book(ABC Co. John Doe)
    Now it show only Doe, John and does not state the company.

    How can I list the company first, name last?

    Thank you in advance for your help.

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    Well, it cannot really be done via the normal Treo options.

    If the contact has a name it will show up on the Treo unless the contact is entered without a First Name/Last Name and only the company field is entered. Another way would be to switch the fields in Outlook (or whichever PIM) i.e. use First Name field to store the company name and Company field to store the person's name.

    I used to face the same problem when I 1st started using a Treo 180. Sometimes I can remember the company but not exactly who the contact was. The 'find' function built-in to the Palm OS will come in useful in instances like this.
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    Thanks a lot.

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    TAKEphONE, TAKEphONE, TAKEphONE, TAKEphONE, TAKEphONE, TAKEphONE,TAKEphONE, TAKEphONE, TAKEphONE, TAKEphONE.... I think this should solve it
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    Thanks Man! Go Angels!

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