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    Hi all. Can anyone help? I'd like to be able to sync MIDI files with my T600. Are there applications available that will enable me to do this?
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    If you can do a little simple HTML, just create a webpage with links to the MIDI files you want to put on your Treo, and upload the webpage, along with the MIDI files themselves, to your server.

    Then connect with Blazer to the webpage you created, and click the link of the MIDI file(s) you want, and it will be downloaded to your Treo. It will alert you that a file is coming in, and then ask you to save it.

    This will get around the usual Palm installer limitations on non-PDB/PRC file locations (usually it wants you to have an SD card for non-Palm native files).

    A little bit of a work-around, but it works. I have my download page bookmarked so I can quickly get back to it.
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    great idea. Thanks!
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    I just put the MIDI files on a CF card, then I beam them from my Handera 330 to my T600. I do the same with backgrounds/pictures.
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