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  • Sheet to Go

    4 21.05%
  • Quicksheet

    9 47.37%
  • Tiny Sheet

    4 21.05%
  • Mini Calc

    2 10.53%
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    I really need a spreadsheet program on my Treo 600. Looks like I'm stuck spending about $20 or $30. Please help me decide which is best by participating in the poll. Please keep in mind the 5 way functionality (do any of these work correctly?) Any suggestions for cheaper / better programs not listed are appreciated also. Thanks.
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    Me = Nokia 5170/Palm III > Kyocera 6035 > Treo 600 > Treo 650 > Treo 700p > Treo 755p > Treo Pro > Palm Pre

    Wife = Treo 600 > Treo 650 > Treo 755p > Palm Centro > Palm Pixi
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    I can tell you about a couple of things about the speed of QuickSheet. I work with a 234k spreadsheet file that has 62 rows and 38 columns. It takes QuickSheet 24 seconds to open the file, 8 seconds to recalculate the sheet and 11 seconds to save it - all to RAM. I moved to the Treo 600 from a Psion Revo and on that handheld, the same spreadsheet took about 1 second for each of these functions. Needless to say, I am disappointed with the speed of the spreadsheet software on my Treo 600. I wonder if any of the other Palm spreadsheets out there would do better speed-wise.

    I am also disappointed with QuickSheets ability to hand long equations - it can't!
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    I tried Quick Sheet and then went with Tiny Sheet.
    It loads much quicker, and has more functions available.
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    I've got the same question. Which of these (if any) are 5way friendly?
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    I'd like to follow up on this.

    I am also looking for a simple spreadsheet solution. I don't need any complex maths, but just simple adding up of totals within a colomn and preferable the possibility of 'freezing' certain rows and/or columns.

    I was hoping to find a freeware app, but there seems to be none.

    Which of the ones mentioned above is the best (or most promising) for the Treo 600?

    Looks like Quicksheet is the cheapest at 19,95.

    (I don't need word processing, presentations, email client, etc)
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    I liked Tinysheet the best, but it kept freezing during hotsync. Had to disable it in my hotsync preferences and finally removed it completely (this was on a Treo 180). try it out and, if you get it to work, it might be your best choice. It's faster, has more functions and the interface is just better than other's.
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    Sheet to Go, part of Documents to Go works well for me. DTG also allows one to review and edit in native Excel and Word format.
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    I've purchased SheettoGo (via Doctogo Premium Edition), Tinysheet, and Quicksheet. Out of the 3, I'd recommend Quicksheet.

    The problem I had with Iambic's Tinysheet was the company's policy. They had known calculation errors in their product. While that version was the only version available, they would not fix it. They told us to wait for the new version where the problem is fixed and they would charge existing customers FULL PRICE. They should have fixed the current version or offered some discount for the newer version with the fix.

    That practice (in addition to their bad business a few years back in regard to CESD Datebook5) was what turned me away from any Iambic product.

    Sheettogo works well but if you only need a good solid spreadsheet, Quicksheet is a better value, IMO. I never had the performance problems reported above. Additionally, the vendor, CES, has fulfilled all of their upgrade commitments since I made my first purchase in 1998.
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    I have tried the trial versions of TinySheet and QuickSheet side by side now, and I must say that the differences in performance are huge.

    I am using a spreadsheet with a worksheet for every month, where figures are totalled for the month and all monthly figures are totalled for the year.

    After I enter a figure in QuickSheet, the system 'freezes' for about ten seconds while the calculations are performed. In TinySheet I hardly see any noticeable delay.

    Haven't tried SheettoGo yet, but so far my vote must go to TinySheet.
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    I put up Post No. 3 regarding spreadsheets. After reading the last post, I tried TinySheet on the same spreadsheet I use often in Quicksheet. The Quicksheet file takes up 282 K when stored on my Treo 600's main internal memory. The TinySheet equivalent takes up 53 k when stored on my Treo 600's main internal memory. That's a big difference! Also, as I stated in Post 3, QuickSheet is painfully slow in opening the file, recalulating the file and saving the file. The same file in TinySheet takes about 1.5 seconds to do each of these tasks. Again, that is a big difference. I am going to try a few other spreadsheet programs and then make a decision on which one to buy. Right now, it is a joy using TinySheet instead of QuickSheet due to the time saved in working on my spreadsheet.

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