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    there is a program for mac called fairplay that can convert in one process but its slow.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rhawley
    I was so annoyed (more like really pissed off) when I found out that I could not in a straightforward way use my PAID FOR music on my Treo.

    After much searching, I found out that it is possible to convert the protected files to unprotected here is the software:
    If you're on windows, download the iOpener package. It will unprotect your AAC files. It emptied my playlists, though, but I may have done something wrong.
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    well, have you?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hest
    well, have you?
    If your talking about iTunes Music Store songs with the DRM, I kinda found a solution (I have been getting more than a little pissed over the last 2 or 3 weeks in trying to determine what kind of device to upgrade to with Bluetooth functionality).

    I personally have been thinking about getting a PocketPC given PocketMac's syncing solutions for Mac users. The recent news of PocketMac providing the ability to sync iTMS songs to a PPC was definitely encouraging, until I found that it is only for Windoze machines. What the hell. Somewhere along the line, I must have misinterpreted this company’s mission statement. Anyway, if you use a Windoze machine, this is worth checking into.
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    Actually, you can't convert ANY aac files to mp3 from within Itunes. (at least not in MY itunes you can't) You can do a right click or command i, and convert, but only to aac. If someone knows another way, please get me into the loop here. I have imported all my cd's in aac format (cause they really DO sound a bit better) However, you do have a choice to import your files into Itunes in MP3 format. Then the convert command can convert them to AAC if you wish. Without a 3rd party app, the only other and simple way is to burn an MP3 disk, and drag the files to a mounted SD card. (another good reason to use MissingSync from MarkSpace for us Mac users. If there is an easier way, PLEASE enlighten me! And also, youse other guys that have unprotected aac files on a mac, go to advanced and convert, see what that says. On my computer, it only says "convert to aac" even if it is already aac!
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    You can convert non-copyprotected AAC files to MP3.
    Go to your prefs and set import to MP3.
    Now your option to convert will be to MP3.
    Copyright sonds needs to be burned to CD and re-read or possibly a utility app.
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