Originally posted by edkalama
Was about a few clicks to ordering the Krussel horizontal case when I noticed from your pictures that the Treo faces out (antenna pointing to rear).
I always found this a little awkward when retrieving the Treo. With that I will pass again and stay with my Handspring Horizontal case for now.
I've been trying hard to convince myself to go for the Covertec. Somehow it looks huge compared to the Handspring case.
Yep, there really isn't any other way to insert it into the case except with the screen facing out. You just have to lightly grasp the antenna and it pops right out.

As for the Covertec, it's smaller than the Handspring. The Handspring seems to have some padding between the outter and inner layers. The Covertec does not, it's just leather so therefore it's thinner than the Handspring case.