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    Hi. Anyone heard of this program? It was mentioned in a post about developing software to select text using the 5way. Anyway this program is really cool, but it doesnt work in some programs and in blazer it causes a reset. Anyone know something similar that once you select text brings up the :shortcut: bar at the bottom? Thanks.
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    Ok...I have new pen installed and that gives me graffiti capability. So I can swipe the screen w/ my stylus and it brings up a menu at the bottom where I can type c for copy p for paste etc. I installed this SnapClip program to get away from using the stylus to bring up the shortcut menu. SnapClip lets you select any amount of text and then automatically brings up the shortcut screen letting you type your shortcut.
    Problems I have run into is that SnapClip crashes lots of programs because they dont want to bring up NewPen's shortcut that I think about it, it may be NewPen that is causing problems. But regardless, what I really want is a way to just simply press a keyboard button or combination to give me access to shortcuts to copy/paste and use the shorcuts that are programmed into my preferences. Does this make sense. I want to use TreoSelecText to do what it does and then use a 'short' key combo to copy paste while also using that same key combo to type my predefined shortcuts or other shortcuts that may be listed in program menus.
    This has to be possible, and I suppose I need someone to suggest an alternate graffiti program. Please help. Thanks.
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