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    I saw this over at SprintUsers.....the link is to Brighthand.
    If God brought you to it He'll bring you thru it!
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    Already been mentioned quite a few times in the past couple days. I still maintain that it sounds like complete BS.

    Another reason nobody mentioned yet... the numbering scheme. so far we've got 90, 180, 270, 300, 600. 610 just doesn't seem like a logical progression.
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    It's fun to watch unfounded rumors propagate!

    Please note that this thread began by citing a site that cited a site that had a fictitious entry based on ANOTHER site's rumor of The Next Great Thing!

    Gotta luv it!
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    oops...sorry bout that
    If God brought you to it He'll bring you thru it!
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    What does BH means 16Mb of RAM? Mine has 24MB at least!?!?!
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    I want the new one to predict which of my meetings will be dull and boring and automatically delete them or forget to remind me.

    I also want a feature which will send a mail to those who 'reply all' to general company notices reminding them how stupid they are to fill our inboxes with their mental detritus. e.g. "You know the HR email that asked for your most personal medical details which you responded to to everyone in the company? I know a very good podiatrist who will be able to take care of your bunions. Could you forward a picture of your bunions for the company intranet please?"

    Finally, I want a browntooth link to the coffee machine which tells me when a fresh pot has been brewed.
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    If there is any truth to the story, this is gonna be really interesting.

    As much as I love my Treo, having one with higher res just might be more than I can resist.
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    If in fact the Treo 610 is incoming then it is an inadvertant admission to the technical faux pas of the 600 design that should warrant a free upgrade for existing tree6 users on all networks..

    nuff said...............
    holla at me PalmOne with a free phone if the upgrade rumour is true..

    But seriously, those at the company ain't confirming or denying but I think it is hogwash and a testament to their confusion and frustration at all the message posts on their boards!!

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    We will win.........
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    I'll buy that model, Poryphyron!!!
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    FYI... Dunno what to make of this...

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