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    I just replaced my treo....dropped it by mistake

    I synced my new treo under a different user name than before...after i synced it asked me to do a soft reset...and now thats all it does...keeps flashing "palm powered"

    its been like this for the past 24 hours....what should i do?
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    hard reset...see owners manual on how to.
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    tried works....but when i sync it again it says it HAS to reset and when i do it gets stuck again...
    Treo 300, Treo 600 - Sprint

    I dream in code and TCP/IP sequence numbers.
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    Press the K and backspace key and perform a soft reset at the same time. This will disconnect the battery. Then plug it in for a second to reboot the battery.

    Now restart your PC to make sure it is not causing the problem.

    HotSync again to a new username.
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    This is occuring because some software application that you installed on your old device cannot install correctly on your new device. You should do the following:

    Hard reset your new T600. This will remove all applications and data that you have placed on your device. Once that is complete, go into your computer(PC) in c:\program files\handspring directory. There should be a folder called data or %username% what ever your username is. In there you will see a backup folder and a folder for each Palm software application. Example MemoPad, ToDoList, etc. Copy only the information that you want to install on your new device. Also, you may/should make a backup of that entire directory.

    Reinstall the Handspring Palm Desktop and make sure that the other stuff is not in that directory. You will notice that you will be prompted to create a user after the reinstall. Name that user the same as the user from your origional device.

    The only thing left to do is the initial sync, which basically installs the USB driver and applys the name to your device. Next, take your contact list folder, to do list folder and memo pad folders and overwrite the new one with the one from the backup directory. Resync the device.

    All of your information should be in your device. I would do this one application at a time until you can identify the app that is causing the crash.

    Good luck.


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