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    My Treo won't let me tap on the screen...I can use the keys but no other functionality. Any hints? Nothing happened before, it just started not taking the stylus hits. I am wondering if the screen is out of whack but how can I tap if I can't get to the system activities???

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    Can't you use the keyboard to get to the preferences screen and recalibrate your touchscreen?
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    How can I get to preferences from keyboard?? I can't seem to find the combination.

    Thanks, Robyn
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    Press the Home key. Us the dpad to tab around 'till you find "Prefs." Hit the Center button. Hit the center button again. Use the down button to find Welcome.

    Follow the instructions to recalibrate the screen.
    Bob Meyer
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    what is dpad...I have tried all the keys...I can get to the system screen and see prefs and Welcome but can not seem to be able to select the option. When you say "center" do you mean the space bar??


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