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    This is happening to my boss as well as to me.

    We both have Treo 600's with Goodlink installed.

    He called me and asked me to look into this, it had not happened to me until a day ago.

    Here is the problem.

    I was talking on the phone and I thought I lost the call. I called the party back. The person I was speaking to said she could hear me saying "hello, hello", but it was dead on my end.

    My boss says this happens to him all the time. He says it corrects the problem if he hits the phone button once it goes dead, but you still have at least 20 seconds of "hello, hello"

    Any ideas?


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    any ideas?
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    Had the exact same problem until I removed the third party app skinner. Problem went away.

    I could be on the phone, the screen will go dark, then I cant hear the other party, but they can hear me.

    It's a third party app of some sort.

    At least I hope
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    Thanks for the reply,

    they only third party app is the goodlink software (which is a biggie)

    Ill see what he has installed



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