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    Is there a way to attach files (ex. .doc, .prc) other than camera and sounds in the default e-mail program. version 1.0
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    You can attach a docs to go document through the dtg interface... just highlight the doc that you want to send in the screen where you select docs to read/edit (do not actually open the document) and go to the menu... you will have a "Send file..." option, select that and you will have a choice of programs to use to send it (if you have multiple options). Just select "Mail" and you will be taken directly to a new message in mail with that document attached. I have tried this but never actually sent a message, so I don't know that it definitely works. If this explaination is unclear, please tell me and I will try again.

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    Unfortunately I don't have docs to do. That could be one way of attaching .doc but was thinking maybe there is a way to add more choices in the attach list. Tks.
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    I think "Docs to Go" is included with your Treo 600 software. I am using the entire Dataviz suite and it is working well for me.

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    You can now attach any file in ram or on the external card to HS/Palm Mail with SendIt. send any file anywhere. check it out
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    can i sent wav. and mp3,smiles and were is a trial version
    thanks alot if you can help smiley88
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    On the opposite end, you may also find ReceiveIT useful for saving unknown (to Palm OS) filetypes to SD card for use on a PC.
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    Where can I find ReceiveIT? Can it be used with Sprint BC?
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    Quote Originally Posted by tbrady
    I think "Docs to Go" is included with your Treo 600 software. I am using the entire Dataviz suite and it is working well for me.

    Are you able to use the "send" feature in Docs to Go"? If so, what mail app to you use? I find that when I try to send a file with Docs to Go, the "send with" option does not appear. The support page showed a still pic of this feature but I can't seem to get it to work. I am demo-ing Docs to Go and I wonder if this feature is disabled.

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