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    Without reading 50 posts, is there one that works today or are we still waiting for the one?
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    The i.Trek GPS mouse receiver works very well with Mapopolis' Navigator software (ver 1.27) on the T6. See thread below for details.
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    NavMan has one in the works that will definitely work with the Treo 600. I'm trying to get a test unit and an ETA.
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    Hi, Igolftech is coming out with a unit that slips right into the sd slot on the Treo 600. However it is now 9 weeks past it's release date. I just tried to call the company and left them a message. They are veyr good about calling back and updating us. However, unless you call they have not been updating us an email from them every so often would be nice!

    Treocentral posted a note the other day that they will have a new article about the igolftech unit shortly.

    In the mean time you can look at and also do a serach of articles on this site. I will report here when mine arrives and when I test it out. I will also post when I get a phone call back from them in a day or so. Take care, Jay
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