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    Does anyone know of any good PC-to-Treo 600 clock synchronisation software.

    I currently use Atomic Clock Sync for my PC and would like to sync my Treo 600 with this too.


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    Another option is a pure software one.

    I use ClockFix, which you will find on Palmgear for $6.95.

    You set the time on your Palm against a known correct time source. Then do it again 3 or 4 days latter.

    The software then works out your Palm's error and makes the adjustments as required.

    Mine gains 1 second ever 16 hours.

    I use Cuckoo Clook as a bit of fun, and I can tell you that my Palm is now spot on against the BBC radio pips every morning

    Hope this is of interest,

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    Originally posted by ChasT
    Mine gains 1 second ever 16 hours.
    Mine's hugely inaccurate compared to yours - according to ClockFix over a 10 day period, mine gains 1 second every 8 hours 20 minutes.
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    Hey all. I've been on SPCS for a couple of years and I've noticed that the SPCS Network time is the same to the U.S. Atomic Clock. It may be 1/2 a second off at times but, it's quite accurate.

    Just a thought.
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