What a miserable process this has been. I just got off the phone with Handspring support, the 4th replacement phone is on the way.

1st phone: I order the AT&T plan for $99. When I attempt to migrate my number from my previous employer (which was a commercial AT&T number) I'm told that I cannot get this great deal as I'm not a new customer. AT&T doesn't care that I've never had an account with them, so whatever, who do I give my credit card to? If you've ever dealt with AT&T wireless then you guessed it, AT&T has no clue, they just know I cannot have this good deal, the solution it to call call Handspring who says I have to ship the phone back at my own cost.

2nd Phone: So I go on line and order the same phone for $300. It arrives and after about 4 hours on hold between AT&T and Handspring, we find out that they send me a T-Mobile phone. It's locked and cannot be used, so we process another replacement.

3rd Phone: Now I'm getting good at this, I drop in the SIM card and fire it up, IT WORKS! Sync the thing to my laptop, all is well .... for about an hour until I notice that the sounds don't work anymore. No ringer, no alarm, nothing. And after a cursory session with the guy from Handspring ..... guess what, Handspring is going to send me phone number 4!

This first one I can live with, but this is getting painful. And I must say AT&T is absolutly awfull, if my new company didn't have an account with them I'd be elsewhere.

Is it worth it? Who can I call to level a complaint? If this one doesn't work I give up.

Dan in Dallas ....