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    Originally posted by Preston
    I'll look forward to the instructions or file.
    I haven't had time for instructions yet, but I did have time to upload two versions of the AQUA based graphic extensions, with just the graphics, and no other parts of any Phone.prc application.

    The first one is just Derek's wonderful buttons. No grapic changes to the "Favorites" buttons, and no graphic changes to the "Connecting" and "Disconnecting" screens. Whatever "Connecting" and "Disconnecting" screens you have before will remain in use. It's a 4K zip (16K prc) file you just unzip and hotsync over. Or you can download the .prc file directly to your T600. If you download the prc file directly to your T600, the next time you go to the phone application, you'll see Derek's buttons. No resets are necessary, and you're still using the Phone application in your ROM, the only thing that's added is Derek's buttons. You can use a file utility to remove the file if you want, again with no reset needed. (The next time you enter your phone application, it will have the stock buttons).

    Click to download zip:
    Click to download prc: Phone_AQUA.prc

    The second one is what I use. It's the same as the "plain" AQUA above, but it includes new graphics for the "Connecting" and "Disconnecting" screens, with the T-Mobile logo. It's an 8K zip (66K prc) file.

    Click to download zip:
    Click to download prc: PhoneTMo_AQUA.prc

    Be sure to remove any graphic extensions you might be currently running. If you're running an "older" version of the AQUA enhancement, or something similar, remove it before you install this one.

    Feel free to fool around with these.

    Bill S

    ps I guess these are the instructions, and I'll post this in a new thread as well (since it has nothing to do with the DAAK adventure)
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    Quote Originally Posted by jennyfur
    Great work! I'm sure many treo owners with cases will be overjoyed!

    As for question #2, my suggestion is also to go ahead and disable all 3 "special keys". #3 however is quite the quandary. Which versions do you have so far, so that others may send you ones you need?

    Once again thanks for the effort tvbilly.
    I'm a new treo 600 user and new to this forum. I would like to find out whether there is any similar to DAAK for the Verizon 600? I've found freewares such as "disable buttons" and "key guard" and none really do what I want, which is what DAAK does in disabling the 3 special keys.

    I have a Covertec horizontal case and often after finishing a call, when I go to put the phone back into the case, the return key rubs againsnt the inside of the case and causes the phone to redial the last number. Right now I am having to remember to power off before putting it back in the case.


    I would like to add more details to what I am looking for. When in phone mode, I use the "favorites" screen mostly. After making a call from this screen and after hanging up, I am returned to this screen. If I power off before putting the phone in the case then there is no problem. But If I forget to power off when putting the phone in the case then the inside of the case press against the return key and initiates a dial of the last number without me knowing. I know a couple of solutions are to 1) remember to power off, and/or 2) get a new case, but I just wondered if there is someway to disable the return key, not just when a call comes in but all the time. Thank-you.
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