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    > ...What are they going to do... recall all our Treos?

    Release a new software version - old patch no longer valid.

    Change the next software version so it does, say, a CRC validation of some key code sometime during the processing internal to the OS. Break the OS if the CRC fails.

    Take some entity to court in a very noisy manner, scaring other entities into following the desired "path".

    There are a number of things "they" can do.
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    I think the Chup sounds more like SeldomVisitor with the legal references than Purple.

    If I recall, English was Purple's second language and was a bit broken at that.

    I don't get the carrier subsidies...are they saying that the Treo would be more like $1000 without the plans? That's hard to believe, but I think I'm a bit dense [this morning]...

    If anyone knows, please explain carrier subsidies and if somehow Sprint is sending a check to HS when I buy a new phone and how that all works...

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    Originally posted by The Chupacabra
    Actually, Fred
    Ouch! How did you discover it was me!

    I doubt a crack would have appeared any time soon. Just look at what would have been needed to achieve the unlock had it not been for Mol's crash.
    See my post above. No need for a crash, all the tools do exist and are perfectly legal to get and use.

    PRCExplorer, for instance, has been written by Regis Nicolas, a Palm employee (this is from the about dialog box of PRCExplorer: It is provided AS-IS without any warranty of any kind. It is NOT officially supported neither by me nor by Palm. However, feel free to send questions/comments/feedback to The rest is simple and requires only a bit of creativity. The trickest part, of course, was understanding the firmware, something I personally wouldn't have been able to do, as I couldn't differentiate ARM assembler from X86 assembler, much less understand assembler code! (I stopped coding (simple things) in assembler 20 years ago or so, it was on a Z80 processor!

    Handspring's architecture effectivele hides the OS and had they not issued the firmware updater, the costs of engineering an unlock probably would have been prohibitive.
    Agreed. But then, they did release the firmware updater, didn't they?

    How many people will send $30 to a sleazy unlock site compared to the numbers that will now apply a free crack?
    I don't know for you, but I'd be wary to apply an unknown crack (even a free one) on a $900 smartphone! Even with the proper instructions, anyway, some users who follosed the initial thread were unable to complete the process! And they might not all be spoon-fed newbies either...

    Palm is at the mercy of the carriers. Remember they are just small fry compared to Motorola and Nokia. If the carriers say "jump!", Palm has to say "how high?".
    Sad but true as far as phones are concerned. But it's entirely up to PalmOne to decide to market the Treo 600 as a phone (which they did, and which I disagree with) or as a PDA first... i.e. to abide by the carriers or stand up for themselves in the PDA crowd, as they no doubt could have done.

    I doubt Palm will ultimately be able to go after anyone here - the link was removed by Mol and I imagine the references to other person hosting the file will also soon disappear.
    Agreed. Plus it wouldn't be good for their reputation toward the public. Unless they want to be considered Microsoft-like on such issues, that is...

    I'll drop by and say hi next time I'm visiting your part of Texas.
    LOL! Please do, we'll have a beer somewhere downtown, the weather's mild and sunny at the moment!

    P.S. Have you seen the new CLIEs yet? I know you'll be coming back to Sony this year...
    No chance unless they do release a GPRS-enabled wireless device! And with Sony partnering with Ericsson for mobile phones (see the P800 and P900 smartphones, for instance), they're certainly not going to release a PalmOS smartphone that would compete with their own Symbian product range!

    Now that I've tried the Treo 600, I know I won't easily get back to PDA+mobile phone... And the TH55 doesn't even look attractive to me! (it's too feeble an attempt (feature-wise), and too late now that the T3 has been released and that OS6 is expected in a matter of months...)

    Sorry for the off-topic PS!!
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    Originally posted by SeldomVisitor
    Release a new software version - old patch no longer valid.
    I'd do exactly that, if I were Handspring. Indeed, there's been rumors of a Firmware and ROM upgrade being made public in January, so I would seize the opportunity to "entice" users to upgrade (for instance, to get that "push to talk" feature Orange will soon introduce with the Treo 600), which would re-lock the hacked devices...
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    Originally posted by samgab
    so here is the link :
    whoa. go you.
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    you all took goat suckers bait...

    meanwhile those of us with Sprint models 1.0 are still waiting for the update to give us call duration in the history.
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    samgab wrote:

    > here is the link :

    Check out part 10 and 11:

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    Release a new software version - old patch no longer valid.
    I seriously doubt this will happen. Despite the numbers on this forum, most people I've met that own a Treo have no idea how to use it to its full potential and would have even less an idea how to upgrade it.

    That means they'd have to go to a retail phone shop for an upgrade, which is NOT going to make either the consumer or the retail shops happy. Compound this with the otherwise working units that will inevitably break during an upgrade process, and you've made for a VERY expensive proposition.

    Add to all of that the folks that refuse (or forget) to go in for a firmware update. You're going to invalidate their $600 piece of hardware, for which they have justly paid? That REEKS of lawsuite material. One lost call to one CEO could end up costing p1/HS millions.

    No, they'll fix it in the next Treo, methinks.

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    samgab wrote:

    > here is the link :

    Check out part 10 and 11:

    Yeah, theres some real copyright infringement going on here. Using the software for what it was designed for (minus a couple modified pieces). If the fact that the code was modified poses a problem, you can just add about 1 or 2 lines of code, it'll do the same job.
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    Originally posted by ahalvor
    meanwhile those of us with Sprint models 1.0 are still waiting for the update to give us call duration in the history.
    See this thread on how to get call duration in the call log without an update from Sprint:
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    I just did some arbitrary calculations. Took the number of forum users that have posted after October 10th, 2003... divided the total by 3. (I don't think the earliest Treo is popular enough anymore to count it..) Of course this totally assumes all communities are of relatively equal size, which they probably are not. Anyways, that gives approximately 1460 users on the Treo 600 forum. Now this is after 10/10/2003, which is sort of a while ago. Lets say the remaining amount is half, 730. At the time of unlock, a number of people were having problems updating with the patch. So let's cut an additional 1/3. That leaves about 487 people.

    487 people, out of the thousands that have a Treo (or at least want one anyways...)

    I remind you all that unlocking is not so common (in the US) that your average Joe, or even your businessman is going to go out and do it. Most people buy new phones when they sign (or renew) their contract, and might think about unlocking it, but don't really know enough about it to pursue it. And the issue gets dropped.

    You all are blowing it way out of proportion saying 'the carriers are going to be pissed. **** WILL hit the fan. etc.'

    I hear that unlock is very common in Europe. But apparently everyone hates Orange over there so it must work out nicely.

    We are a minority.
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    no need to care about thses bull****s. he must be some goat sucker from,sorry i mean, trying to stop free unlocking patch ruining their gsmsucking business.

    again thanks all those guys and efforts making me enjoying the freedom of my treo600 u r the best!!!!!!thanks Jimmy taking trouble to sent me the 5mb files to my mailbox be4 this link

    (opps i post it again!!!)is available. I would suggest who host the zip file also includes an instrution for newbies like me :P

    now i am dreaming sth that can make my treo600 taking 2 sims at the same time so i don't need to changing the sims again and again, what a dream!!!.

    God bless the unlock zip files be with us forever~~~
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    Listen, PalmOne/Handspring is without a doubt annoyed that their subsidy lock was cracked. Afterall, someone did have to sit there initially and develop it. However, they are a huge corporation, they have analysts that take these things into consideration before production even begins. Everyone shouldn't be so naive and assume they didn't forsee this.

    Name one phone in the history of subsidy locking which hasn't been unlocked at some point.

    Errr... Uhhh... Hmmmmmm.....


    Now the only serious repercussion that this community must face is a great delay in the release of any official FW update that may have been in the works.

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    Originally posted by Woof
    Did you all know that Chupacabra means goatsucker?
    The X-Files taught me a lot growing up

    -- Vikram
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    skillllllz (is that the right amount?) brings up a good point. Much like retail stores factor 'shrink' into consideration, Handspring probably did the same, except... it was for unlocking... not shrink...
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    Originally posted by euroclie
    And thanks for your patience and tolerance, snerdy!
    You're welcome. Any time, dude.

    First off -- this whole thread (or thread of threads) has been pretty amazing. There has been some really interesting work done here by a handful of forum members, especially euroclie and Mol. You guys rock!

    Personally, I'm highly in favor of this kind of thing.

    Should companies like Handspring/PalmOne be worried that their users are going to hack around in their products like this? Probably, but it's also true that they could just ask folks like euroclie and Mol to help them out, as well. I'm pretty sure that the users on this board would be very responsive if they were approached by folks who actually made the Treo. We're talking about people who like the Treo, for crying out loud.

    On the other hand, if a corporation decides to play it all heavy with folks like euroclie, Mol or Jon Johansen (a good compairson, but one that's different by a degree or two), then those folks are highly likely to respond with anger. Totally understandable.

    Basically, if everyone involved would just be a little cool about the deal, this will all go a lot better. It's especially true that we could all play it a lot cooler about this kind of thing, and we certainly don't need to be calling anyone a "terrorist" or anything. ...Er, wait a minute...

    Chupacabradabra, baby -- take it easy. If PalmOne has a problem with all this work, they can say so themselves. Hopefully they will do so in a way that is supportive of their supporters. If not... darn. You've got a line at Palm, yeah? Why not try to feed a bit of Voice Of Reason back their way? Also, make with the sense of humor again, already. Sheesh.

    euroclie -- seriously, no offense meant, man. I was just highlighting the ridiculousness of the whole argument. Whatever happens with all this, just try to keep your cool, dude. Okay?
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    Originally posted by Woof
    What I'd like to know is this. Does my purchase of this device bind me to an agreement stating I will not attempt to modify the core software in any way?

    it's closed-source for a reason...kind of like the iPod

    creativity of software is limited because it isn't open-source (i.e. the source code is not accessible by the consumer). So in a way you are bound to an "agreement" stating you will not modify the "core software" in anyway...under the lisencing of the OS

    This is why I ported the uClinux kernel to my iPod...and for those of you following the sourceforge project...yes it does work on 2.1 firmware

    I think instead of trying to unlock the phone, we should port a linux kernel to the phone instead, that way it won't be illegal to make these unlock files and such...the reason I chose linux is because it is the only OS that is open-source. If we put our minds together on that...then palmOne/Handspring and the carriers can't do anything about it...what we do with the unit is up to us, what we do with the OS is restricted...anyone wanna help me try it? keep in mind that this will void your warranty.
    Treo 300, Treo 600 - Sprint

    I dream in code and TCP/IP sequence numbers.
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    FWIW has been downloaded ~150 times.

    Somewhere out there.... theres a 150 free Treos.

    But think: how many Treo 600's have been sold? 150s not a huge percertage really. I think our vanity has got the better of us, and this unlock patch is not proving as 'popular' as we might think.
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    peeps.. my $0.02...

    i will be that Palm will do nothing now. Remember - the value the OS has over the other PDA/smartphone OSes... It is the developer community... So if they go out and take action, i think that they will find a lot of developers not bothering with palm and move elsewhere... and then palm will look at the value of their OS diminish.

    I can imagine that they are annoyed. Hell - i would be. But that is because they probably have a something sort of warranty that the treo was unlockable or something with Orange.. But what are they going to do? Risk peeving the developer community? hmm...
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