I'm not sure if anyone else uses wireless.harrisdirect.com, but I'm having problems accessing my account through it. Before the Treo 600, I had a crappy Samsung I330. I was able to acces both the website through the browser, and the PQA they have.

With the new Treo 600, after logging in, it says I need to re-login. Nearly every time. I might be able to get past by one click, like clicking on a tab, but then it says to continue, I must Re-login to continue.

I've done a hard reset and it's still giving problems. At first I thought it was because I wasn't provisioned correctly after the ESN swap, but I'm able to Provision (using ##3282) now, and I still can't access my account. Anyone have any ideas?

Also, I've tried using Web Pro, and it doesn't seem to display the images associated with http://wireless.harrisdirect.com. It's weird.

me, littlebeancurd