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    help! i'm looking for an IM app that will work over WAP (Tmo Tzones). i even bought AOL's and it times out. anyone?
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    It times out because the ports needed to communicate to AIM is blocked using Tzones.

    If you find one that works let us know. as far as i can tell only Ports 80 and 25 are open in Tzones.
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    #3 has browser-based im. T-Mobile can do AOL im using SMS. So, several ways to get IM to work. Of course T-Mobile internet with Verichat works great, buts costs an extra $19.95/month... :-)
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    how can you do AOL /AIM using sms?
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    what we REALLY need is an IM client that goes through port 80 like Agile Messenger does for Symbian. anybody?

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