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    Playing around with my T-mobile treo 270 I had it at one time so that the phone would vibrate silently 5 minutes before any item in DateBook plus. It would also put a message on the screen reminding me of the appointment. But then I changed some things, I don't remember what, and now I can not for the life of me configure the settings so that it does what it was doing before: vibrating silently to alert me of DateBook items.

    Anyone know how to get it back doing that? All hints greatly appreciated.
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    I think I answered my own dillema. It seems that the datebook alarm will vibrate ONLY if your phone switch is set to the silent position, and you've checked the option box to make the phone vibrate in silent mode. That is, no matter what, if the physical switch on top of the phone is set to the normal ring mode, datebook alarms will never triger the vibrate function.

    This brings about a weird fix for me. I wanted the phone not to beep or ring under any circumstances ever, and for my job, even the buzzing noise of the vibrate alarm what causing problems. So I needed the phone to vibrate for incoming calls and datebook alarms in one mode, and do absolutely nothing (no vibrate, no noise) in the other mode. To achieve this, in the ringer preferences screen, for silent mode I checked the vibrate option, but for sound mode I disabled both vibrate and noise of all kind.

    So now, I use the sound/silent mode switch on top of the phone in reverse! If I want it truly silent, I switch to sound mode, in which the phone does nothing. And when I want it to vibrate for calls and datebook items, I switch to silent mode.

    It seems to me just a bug that datebook items don't set off the vibrate mechanism when the phone is in sound mode. My opinion of the whole treo line, is that while they aren't outdone by anyone, they're still not very good. It's great fun as a hobby getting them to work right, but wouldn't it be nice if they were just usefull out of the box?
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